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I bought some Honey roasted peanuts not too long ago and they didn't taste like they did before. But I thought they were a bad batch so I haven't bought any in a long time. I brought some today and the taste was the same as the last time I bought them. I don't like what you have done with the new taste and at first I thought they were out of date but then I checked the date but they don't expire until next year. that is just the taste. the old...
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I just opened a can of Planters peanuts today, 10/4/2016, and was repulsed by the contents of the can - small, halves, over-roasted, skin-on, discolored, bitter, and ultimately inedible. I will return the can to the store. I told my coworkers about how terrible they were - taste and texture. They looked at them and agreed that something was wrong. The actual peanuts looked nothing like the beautiful picture on the can. It is false...
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Recent purchases of Planters peanuts have been disappointing to say the least. I used to buy the big cans of Extra Large Virginia Peanuts at Sams and they were wonderful. Then the last two cans I bought were fine until you got close to the bottom and found excessive oil, I mean liquid oil where you could tilt the can and the oil would pool to the one side. They didn't taste bad and I'm not particularly adverse to a little peanut oil (I assume)...
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Anonymous We have noticed the same thing with Planters. Their quality control is malfunctioning and has been for awhile now. You might try a brand called STAR peanuts which I buy in sto...

I just opened a new can of Planters peanuts and am so disappointed! The nuts are very small, not the same roasted consistency, some very dark brown, some lighter and some inedibly over roasted...all in the same can so I can only assume they were mixed from different batches to use the over roasted ones...Planters, never my choice again. And why am I instructed to use 100 words or more? I said what I needed to say in less words but feel if I...
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Disgusted with the box of 5 snacks to go. The company took the original size box of 5 and replaced it it with smaler box and peanuts i a clear cheap wrap only half full. Used to do like the original size but now to me they look disgusting and I will no longer purchase them it seems to me that accompany this big could keep the original size and the packaging the same but I know money is greed and they want money instead of a good product.
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We purchased two jars of Planters dry roasted peanuts and definitely did not like the flavor. What happened? And why would you put celery spice, dried onions, garlic, paprika, sugar, corn starch and corn syrup in the mix? We prefer just plain peanuts. We washed all that junk off, dried them with a paper towel and roasted them in the oven and lightly sprinkled them with salt. Won't buy any more like this. There's got to be a better answer....
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